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PUBLISHERChangemakers Books a division of  John Hunt Publishing
TITLE: Meditation in the Wild
SUBTITLE: Buddhism’s Origin in the Heart of Nature
AUTHOR: Charles S. Fisher, Ph.D.
FOREWORD: Wade Davis, Explorer in Residence at the National Geographic Society
GENRE: Buddhism, History, the Environment
PUBLICATION DATE: January 31rst  2014
FIRST PRINTING: 5,000 copies
PUBLICIST: Maria Barry (maria.barry@o-books.net)
DISTRIBUTED BY: NBN in US customercare@nbnbooks.com
Orca Marston in Europe tradeorders@orcabookservices.co.uk

ISBN: 978-1-78099-692-9 Paperback (376PP) $22.95,   £12.99
978-1-78099-691-2 (eBook) $9.99,  £6.99

* Ajaan Cha, on the left, at the Insight Meditation Society 1979/80. The author is in the center back wearing a white thermal undershirt.  Jack Kornfield is second from the right in the second row in a white t-shirt. He has a mustache.  Courtesy of Buzz Buzzowitz